Products & Services
Offering a full range of IT development, implementation and maintenance services.

iconwin Originally established in 2000 as an Information Technology Support Services Company, XTeK Technologies is a customer-oriented IT integration and support company.  We offer a full range of IT development, implementation and maintenance services; including secure and proficient network design, successful systems integration, effective project management and installation of technologies.

Management Services

XTeK Technologies management services encompass desktop and server management, data center management, network and communications management, and technical assistance as well as business continuity and disaster recovery services. We keep our clients’ business applications running smoothly.

XTeK Technologies unique and flexible management model enables our clients to reduce costs and improve performance while maintaining control over the strategic direction of their IT environment.

By implementing XTeK Technologies services  and products our clients receive benefits such as:computer-monitor-ltgraybk

  • Availability of internal technical talent to focus on more strategic initiatives for the company
  • Maintenance or improvement of current IT service levels
  • Focus on core business and functions
  • A guarantee of price, quality, productivity and service, tied to mutually agreed-upon performance levels  (long-term beneficial relationship)
  • Access to new technologies that enhance business performance

Our Services Include:

  • Data Cabling Installation and Management Systems (CAT-5e and CAT-6)
  • Custom design and assembled workstations and servers
  • On-site Server both stand alone or rack-mount environment
  • Wireless Laptop and Tablet deployment
  • Multi-Platform Operating System Support
  • Local Area Network and Wide Area Network deployment
  • Network Security and VPN Tunneling
  • PDC/BDC Domain and Active Directory Deployment
  • Information System Management
  • Off-site Data Backup
  • Cisco Wireless Networking
  • ISP Support

Reliability and Recovery

Our clients rely on information systems that insure data integrity along with little, to no down  time.  They also depend on an efficient and knowledgeable support team in case of a down system.  That is whey we offer:

  • modem out24/7 surveillance of your network thru our advanced off-site network monitoring tools
  • You can sleep soundly knowing that an XTeK Technologies engineer is watching your systems and takes immediate action in case of a down server or network
  • We specialize in 24 hour 7 days a week on-site hardware and software support.

24/7 Service

Please ask us about our 24/7 after hour installation and deployment options for:

  •   Data Cabling Projects
  •   Communications Equipment Installation
  •   Workstation and Server Installation
  •   Full Network Installation